For appointments, please use one of the following options below to get in contact with our team.

Sarah Cullen

Executive Assistant

Orla Tully

Practice Manager

Suite 16, Sports Surgery Clinic Santry Demense, Dublin 9, Ireland
Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00

Before attending an appointment please read the information provided below. To save time please complete and return the relevant forms and questionnaires provided in 'Patient Forms' below.

Patient Forms

Save time and complete these forms before your appointment with Mr. Vioreanu. They are combined in a single PDF document.
You can return the form via email to or fax: (01) 526 2341; or simply bring the completed form with you to your appointment.


All 3 sections of each Form (Patient Registration Form, Knee or Hip Injury Assessment Form, Patient Database Consent Form) are required to be completed and signed by all patients.

What to bring to my appointment


  • Referral letter from GP, family physician, physiotherapist or other healthcare practitioner.
  • Have your Private Medical Insurance information with you.
  • CDs or films with images of your recent MRI's or XRay's
  • Reports and copies of previous X-rays, MRI’s, CT scans etc. All other relevant information




Payment is due at the time of consultation. When you make your appointment, Sarah or Orla in the office  will let you know what the consultation fee will be.


Appointment timing


Appointments are realistically scheduled for all patients, mindful and respectful of time. The nature of medicine and surgery is not always predictable and delays might happen. Your understanding is appreciated. In such event we try to contact patients to advise of possible appointment delays. Patients are most welcome to call a couple of hours before their appointment to check their appointment will occur at the scheduled time.


Appointments are confirmed a week in advance by a letter in the post or an email and with an SMS alert the day prior.


A cancellation fee is not charged, however a return phone call of inability to attend is appreciated.